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"Difficult to find a place to park. Residents don't pick up after their dogs. Amenities are nice. Staff are friendly. Unit has cheap appliances and cabinets. Love the quartz countertops."
"It’s a nice place to live! Greta amenities and very safe. There is an awesome park right next door. Very dog friendly, and always something happening!"
"We absolutely love it here! They try their very best to keep things clean but, like always, they are always occasional turds who don't pick up after their dogs."
"I love it here , now that the park is open it’s more enjoyable. My only problem would be the pool . Now that it’s open again it doesn’t seem cleaned often , there is plenty of bugs in it that it was kind of annoying ."
"I generally really enjoy living here, but I have a garage near an entry door, and I've had people park their cars and leave them in front of my garage for 20+ minutes, blocking me in. It's a general pain, but not the fault of management."
"My neighbor downstairs was a bit pestering but other than that I love loving here. Yes have no intention of moving out soon. The park just opened up making it even more fun! I’ve even made friends within the complex. And Spencer at the front desk: GREAT !"
"Was taken pretty good care of considering I rented the unit, site unseen. Leasing offices continues to be a great resource for my lack of knowledge."
"I enjoyed my time here at Alexan Rivue. Would I recommend living at the Alexan Rivue luxury apartments? In one word. Yes. The property speaks for itself."
"Staff is incredibly pleasant and friendly, everything is clean and nice looking, and the area is beautiful! I love the layout of the apartments, and the design of the kitchen and bathroom. The balcony is a perfect size, and it was very helpful getting hookups for things like wifi. Plus, the food truck Friday is a fun plus!!"
"Todo el personal de limpieza y reparaciones trabajan mucho. Me llama mucho la atencion sobre todos los que limpian. Aqui vive gente muy falta de educacion."
"The complex is very modern and nice, I love the layout of the apartment. Each space has enough room. One thingI do not like is how the master closet door hits the clothes and the clothes gets stuck when I try to close the closet...very annoying. I basically just don’t use the first 12inches of my closet. Great kitchen and spacious bathroom. Love the balcony and hot tub/pool area. The neighborhood is very nice."
"The amenities and surrounding area is perfect. Always an open line of communication with management which is a plus and up keeping is consistent."
"Love the area and amenities! The staff is amazing at getting back to you about any concerns. The only cons are parking if you arrive home after 6pm theres hardly any parking. Overall, the area is such a good area to live in! Close to the mall, grocery store, and quiet enough to where you’re not in middle of it all."
"Love the gym, all the available equipment is very convenient. This gym has the most up to date available gym equipment and is very clean. Would be great if we could adjust temperatures in the gym"
"Alexan rivue is a great community. It’s peaceful and quiet. But I’m only giving this 4 stars, because Iv noticed as the community got bigger it also got a tad messier. But over all it has been great experience"
"I feel like cause everything was closed (amenities) it put a damper on things. Even though we do pay pretty high rent for a nice apartment, the amenities was what made Alexan different than others."
"It has been great living here so far! I love the neighborhood. Everything is so close by. The leasing staff is super friendly and helpful. living here has been very peaceful for me."
"Just moved in and I love my apartment and the amenities. I am extremely happy with my new place. The management team is also amazing and very nice to work with."
"This apartment community is by far great. Had a issue with the kitchen Sink and Trey and Victor came over to get it fixed. They got here fast and got to work took them awhile, but they got it working. Just wanted to say that the porters work extra hard and hope they get extra help because it a big building complex for just them and they need more help for the common areas."
"Living in Alexan rivue it’s a comfortable and relaxing experience. There’s no noise from neighbors and it’s pretty clean and nice. I wish the amenities were open."
"Community feels safe , would just appreciate that they would be more on top of the pet regulations, halls smell like urine and dog waste, it’s so nice here to have that kind of issue."
"Such a beautiful community with amazing amenities! The only reason it isn’t a 5/5 is due to the parking availability and layout of the apartment. The fire alarm is so close to the oven that it’s often set off and there’s been multiple times when animal poo is left in the hallways or right at the entryway. I know this is an issue that the office is working on. Overall such a nice area to live in and can’t wait until the park is finished! :)"
"I always felt comfortable in the surroundings , maybe because the way this apt. Complex was designed, lots of flats but you don’t feel crowded, wether you are in the hallway or in the parking lot. Talk of feeling safe with all the lighted nooks and crannies you don’t want to live anywhere."
"Quiet and very friendly area. The staff are very helpful. The community areas are fun and always wonderful to use. Would recommend a friend here to stay."
"It’s ok. Unfortunately, Idon’t agree with paying the amount of rent that we do and NOT be able to use the amenities that are included in the amount. I"
"I love to live here! I understand that we cannot fully use all of the amenities due to pandemic but this place is 100% what we and my husband were looking for."
"Love our apartment how it was design , the view from our place and the amenities, it’s mostly a quiet zone and is very safe .. the only think is the you don’t have a parking space , but mostly of the days you will find a space to park"
"Living here has been just okay. It was great at first but now it smells like dog poop and pee everywhere. The parking is horrible! I inquired about renting a space or garage when I first moved in and was told they had been assigned. A lot of the garages are used for storage and one garage even has a slide play set taking up the space. And I am paying for amenities that really can’t be used outside of office hours and surprise I work too, so those hours don’t work for me. I really wanted to love it here so I wouldn’t have to move when my lease is up but I will be moving. June can’t come fast enough!"
"COVID/Pandemic was a detrimental global event that no one foresaw coming. However, it would have been kind, respectively, for the apartment community to assist and relieve stressors such as adjusting our monthly responsibility (rent) to reflect these challenges and barriers. Especially after not having access to many amenities which is the primary reason I chose to live in this apartment community. Again, no one saw these challenges or barriers coming, but it would have and would make a world of a difference to me and/or others."
"Calm place to live at, no noise, nice neighbors. Can’t take advantage of the amenities such as the gym because of COVID. Looking forward to the new park."
"We like our apartment very much its pretty quiet now since we don’t hear the dog anymore. The parking is a big problem where our apartment is located #130."
"Great staff and great location. Super close to everything and the staff is very attentive and takes care of everything, they are also super friendly!"
"Disappointed with the resident experience and that I cannot use the amenities which I pay for. Don’t get me wrong it is definitely a modern beautiful place in a safe area. Reached out to upper management about finding ways for resolution to use amenities around CDC guidelines, to which they said they have so many other properties which are going through this together and they they are frustrated as well but nothing can be done.. this is essentially saying it would be too much work to figure a resolution out, and they don’t want to figure it out with all of the proprieties they have. Management has offered renters food truck Friday’s and resident event nights, which are an additional cost for residents and do not resolve the issue at hand of not being able to use the amenities I signed my lease for. Also if management is trying to think about the safety and health of the residents, there should be consistent routine cleaning of the hallways, staircases, handles, and open areas."
"Fantastic from start to move in. Spencer was exceptionally helpful and the service and consideration he exhibited was phenomenal. I would recommend this complex to anyone!"
"Great apartment but really missing the hot tub and gym. I know it’s not the apartment complex’s fault but being without both does makes it less enjoyable."
"Nice community but would be better if parking assignments are enforced. I see vehicles parking in the handicap spaces but no handicap license plate or placard. EV parking spaces are occupied by non-EV. Maybe a parking sticker issued to residents would help."
"I would like to say thank you to the maintenance staff that works hard to keep the community taking care off. They are quick and friendly always willing to help and goes a very way. I know there was a incident after hours and Trey was able to get to the premises and get it done right away."
"I love Alexan Rivue the staff are friendly and property is well taken care of. My only complaint is some neighbors are not so kind to the rules when it comes to noise and leave a mess in the trash bin. My only other complaint is the parking situation, when I moved in I was told it wouldn't be a problem but sometimes its difficult to find parking. I do believe each resident should have at least one spot."
"A very nice community! Well maintained and lots of amenities. Can't wait for the neighborhood park to be finished and for the common areas to open again."
"The staff makes sure that everything goes smoothly when moving in and try to accommodate every request you have. Such a wonderful experience so far."
"Great apartments! Very modern and up to date appliances. The office staff is very nice, respectful, easy to talk to! They are taking the COVID-19 precautions seriously!"
"Very manicured and beautiful. Prime location easily accessible to anything you can imagine. Can’t wait to be able to enjoy all that is to offer Post-Covid!"
"We love living here. We highly recommend moving here. Everyone from the staff to the residents are awesome!!! Even though some of the amenities are closed right now this place is still worth it."
"we love our apartment community. everyone is so friendly and welcoming. the staff is amazing and always so helpful. this community provides to more then all our needs."
"Units are nice but people living here are not great neighbors. One of our neighbors leaves dog poop and dirty pee pads in a bag right outside their door every day rather than taking it to the dump so the whole hall smells like animal waste. I reported to management. Nothing was done. Another neighbor also just left a broken bookshelf in the hall when they moved out. It has been sitting there for days now. There is no parking. There are A LOT of very aggressive dogs in this neighborhood! My dog almost got attacked by one so now I carry mace with me anytime I leave my unit. My bike was also stolen from this complex. The lock was cut. My garage flooded when residents upstairs shoved paper towels down the toilet while drunk. It ruined furniture and a bunch of important papers such as our marriage certificate. Management did not care and said my only option was to go through my renters insurance"
"Love it here ! Such an amazing place to live. Leasing office is so helpful and the property is always clean and well groomed. Hopefully COVID ends soon so we can all utilize the amenities!!"
"I love living here. For my first time ever having my own home it’s a great choice and I would recommend anyone living here. Beautiful environment great residents. All very friendly and the staff as well😊"
"I Love the community. Would recommend it’s very nice and peaceful. Only thing parking can be tight sometimes wish there were a couple more spaces."
"Residents should be given a discount on rent because we are unable to fully enjoy the amenities which I believe is 30-40% of what makes up my rent. Also, the key fobs don't work in the places it should. Everything else in this community is nice. Hopefully things open up around here before my lease is up."
"Amazing staff, beautiful home set up, friendly neighbors! I love the view from our balcony. Exceptional steps taken to help prevent the spread of Covid-19"
"I just love this apartments, but there is only one problem for me, the buildings don’t have elevators, and , because I got injury in one of my knees is hard for me to step to the third floor, but I love the location of my apartment, I have Mountain View, and greens areas . I still give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
"Great customer service, large apartments with excellent floor plans, beautiful complex and community. Walkable neighborhood near shops and restaurants."
"Our residence experience is somewhat mixed. There are so many things management can do to make things better such as actually enforcing their rules about parking, amenities, dog poop, etc."
"been great and safe. staff is always there to help. parking has been difficult especially at night times. otherwise, overall happy with my residency here."
"Love the apartment & the amenities! And the staff is amazing, the only issue is definitely the ants during the summertime but it seems like they’ve gotten it under control. :-)"
"We love it here! Other than the minor issues with the pest which the front office always helps us out with pest control every other week, we love the entire community and love living here! It’s our best apartment complex we have lived in so far definitely a 5 out of 5."
"Management is good at keeping residents abreast of upcoming events and construction projects. They are easy to contact and very helpful. The complex is also very well kept."
"I love this community!! Very peacefull and everyone is mindfull of other pets. Everyone mind their own business and go on with their day. Great amazon hub and common areas are always clean."
"Good experience good community, very quiet and spacious homes . Good amenities that can be accessable at good times despite corona. Nice location nearest malls"
"Great community. The staff is amazing. The area is nice clean and organized. This place give great vibes always. Never negativity. Every store is near by."
"I love the area and the people from this community are nice as well as the staff. The apartments are nice and pretty spacious. I like that this area is close by to stores, restaurants, and fast food places."
"Multiple complaints for people smoking and haven’t seen a memo go out for this issue but other issues have been addressed like trash and parking. Would like to see a memo go out to the community to remind them this is a smoke free community."
"Friendly staff! Awesome gym/ amenities! I haven’t had any issues finding parking which is always a plus. Quiet and well maintained. Love food truck Fridays!"
"Everything is good. Sucks the fact that the amenities are closed but it’s understandable. What I don’t like is that all amenities are closed at 6 PM so I can’t really use them cause I get home by that time"
"Absolutely love the new community. Quiet neighborhood, lots of parks, plenty of parking. Leasing office staff are very friendly and helpful."
"Have had no problems so far. Only issue is that I drive an EV and require the charging stations just about daily. Unfortunately, I’ve had issues where people decide to park in the EV spot even after warnings from the leasing office and it has affected my work"
"Wonderful place to live overall. Great pool, gym, floor plans, customer service. Challenges...pet owners who do not clean up after their dogs, let them pee in the building and bark all day when owners are gone."
"The community is good. The noise levels are low. It’s a pretty safe and relaxing place. I live on the first floor, so sometimes there’s bugs. But overall it’s great living here."
"I love coming home. It’s quiet, modern, clean, and a nice escape from it all. Best part is all the parks at waking distance. Can’t wait for this new park across the street to open! I know my boys will love it."
"It’s all good other than the parking not being controlled, and some neighbors not following the no noise rule, we love it!! Nice and clean and the staff doing a nice job!! Go Spencer he’s very profesional."
"Parking here is a nightmare! There are not enough spaces for residents and the management does not care. I would not recommend this place to anyone."
"My experience being here was nice in the beginning. Very clean and noise level was great. As the community got full more noise and more dog poop are being left everywhere."
"This apartment complex I highly recommend everything is brand new the staff is always nice and welcoming, it’s always clean and kept after, great neighbors, nice and quiet and comfortable!"
"Good finishes inside the units. Space Olán horrible design. So much space wasted that could be useful. The gym is always busy with people not wearing masks ( management doesn't care). Poor quality of management, they don't enforce any rules or even what's in the lease agreement."
"I moved in about eight weeks ago and I had a mice in my apartment. I went to the rent office and they set a trap and had the balls to say if you are uncomfortable with taking “it” meaning the mice I could call them to pick “it” up. Lol! I asked for the gate to my side of the community to be fixed through an app and they responded back to me saying that it was no longer under warranty. So the FAB accessed gate is pretty much accessible to anyone even if they are under a restraining order. But, on the flip side Fletcher is really nice and accommodating the office manager did take care of their mice problem but all the amenities close after the rent office closes. I can access the 24 hour fitness only between the hours of 9am and 5:30pm while i’m working. All in all I love this place. ;)"
"Hi it’s a really good place to live and at this time work from home , I love the amenities. Some difficulties are that : I had some issues with noice in the midnight with the neighbor up from us that could be scary . The parking almost every time is full"
"Parking is bad. Every EV parking spot is filled with non electric cars. No one wears mask inside communal areas including gyms. Along the canyon area there is dog poop every 3 steps you take. Pretty disgusting"
"I love the new complex. I also appreciate that I can make it my home and put custom finishes like light fixtures. My home faces West & I can see the maintains and sunset every day! At night I have a view of the mountains and city lights."
"Overall our customer experience has been great. The front office is amazing, and the community is beautiful. The smoke alarms are a little too sensitive, due to the placement in the apartment. We also have had a loud ticking noise in our apartment above the microwave since even before we moved in. I noticed it when we were touring the apartment and asked Fabian (the sales associate at the time giving tours of the complex) if the noise could be fixed. He said that it would be, but it was never fixed and still continues to make this noise all throughout the day. No one expected a pandemic to happen, but I did chose this apartment complex for the amenities. I can’t even use the amenities now that the hours are shortened and due to my work schedule, so it is frustrating to pay the full price for rent, when we don’t get to take advantage of the amenities on site. Hoping the hours go back to normal now that gyms and businesses are fully open again."
"Amazing experience. Great staff , they always have great attitudes Food truck are great And the facility is always clean Easy to put in a request for service"
"So far it’s been great! Any time I’ve had an issue in my unit, maintenance is there in no time to resolve the issue. Overall it’s been a great experience living here for the past 4 months."
"Very nice place to live in this community. This is my first time renting in USA. I was living in my own proper house science 1987 but for some reason in my live I decide to selled and continuing living by myself here. This community was my first choice to start my new life because I feel very secure living here by myself."
"I love this community. Great vibes. The amenities are Always clean and smell nice. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Getting packages is very easy. Would definitely refer people here."
"Excellent apartments everything super clean! And nice apartments super quiet that you cannot heard any noises from the neighbors. And they always have activities!"
"Moving here was the best decision we could have made! It feels like we are on a vacation everyday! This community is clean, quiet, peaceful, and everyone is so kind! We love it here and will definitely make this place home for a long while! Shoutout to Spencer for taking such great care of us and always being so kind and so helpful! YOU ARE AMAZING!"
"Very professional and courteous. The technician was very prompt and was able to fit now solve the issue. And will be back later this month to replace the ice maker. He also checked my refrigerator for any other issues and I was very satisfied with the services provided."
"The property team is there to assist you when you need it no matter how big or small it may seem. The amenities are amazing! Always look forward to the food truck fridays!"
"Highly recommendable. I feel like Alexan rivue is for everyone. Very quiet and maintained community. Awesome amenities, and everything you may need at walking distance."
"I Love it here at Alexan Rivue. I have a really nice view from my balcony. One thing I really like that they have here is The dog wash station it is so handy! And the pool is so nice!"
"Everyone has been kind and those who have passed us in the hallways have always said hi. Ever since we came to see the apartment we have been treated with kindness."
"The property is well taken care of & the leasing office staff is phenomenal. They have made my cross country move seamless & a pleasure. The carports, pool area, and amenities are top notch and only add to the luxury of the community."
"There’s a lot of noise nuisance. Yelling in the halls, slamming of doors, dogs barking, dog feces and urine smell in the stair case, neighbors are not considerate of neighbors."
"Staff Friendly, great enviornment and people. Only issue is our next door neighbor who is rude to our family, takes pictures of us and stares us down but other than that, everything is GREAT."
"We’ve had an incredible experience with Alexan Rivue since moving in this summer. All team members are incredibly kind and helpful. The amenities are gorgeous and we’re so happy this is home!"
"Pretty cool pretty cool. Been here a couple of months and like it so far. Chill place, nice pool and grills. Can't wait until the soccer field is done"
"Everything is up to par except for the bugs on the patio but thank goodness for pest control . But amenties are great and it’s close to a lot of stores and the mall"
"The apartment community is nice and used to be very clean around 1930. Now it looks like the outside areas haven't been getting cleaned thoroughly, especially the staircases. It would be really nice if we can keep the community clean by having more cleaning staff."
"I have seen coyotes in the apt building , by the trash cans , snakes multiple times and there is rats problems in all the garages . I notice everyone is having the same issue . We have killed like 10 mouses so far in our garage without opening the garage they come in because the garages are not made properly and have holes , also my balcony storage room found a snake and a rat nest . There is no protection against any of that they should be a plastic thing so that we don’t have this problem . I am scared for kids to play outside ."
"The experience here at Alexan Rivue has been awesome. Between the leasing office and maintenance department they are always making sure the residents feels at ease. They are quick to respond on request made by app and they're always following up. The residents are great👍 and friendly."
"Cleanliness of community needs to be revamp. Lots of dog droppings and Uribe creates flies and mosquitos. Hallways need power washing more often."
"We love living here! Every thing from the amenities to the staff are all 5 star!!! If anyone is looking for an awesome place to live look no further!!"
"New complex with top of the line appliances! Such a great location that is close to parks and the mall. Lots of wonderful amenities and did I mention the Staff is excellent!"
"It’s was okay and not that bad to live at. When you live here for a while you get used to it and realize it’s a cool place to be at but you can’t use anything because of COVID so that suck a little"
"I love the amenities and the beautiful neighborhood. These apartments are peaceful and have great staff. Nice community rewards for residents."
"My experience for the past 4 months has been amazing , I live with my baby bully thor , and my husband. I enjoy the amenities but hate how they close so early!!"
"The apartments are great, aside from all the bugs. The location is nice and the layout of the apartment is too as well as the amenities and the availability of parking."
"Alexan Rivue is an amazing apartment complex! I love the amenities it has to offer and location. :-) The staff, specifically Fabian was so helpful during our move! Having to relocate to a completely different state was stressful, but Fabian made the process so easy for us and convenient given that we moved during the pandemic we were given a video tour of the apartment which was so nice!"
"neighbor is nice and quiet. unfortunately some things in our house when we first moved in are in ideal new condition. but management has helped me somewhat."
"Iv been living here for 4 months and couldn’t be more happy. Love how they keep the community clean. Would definitely recommend this community to friends or family."
"So far so good. Very helpful leasing/maintenance staff. Nice amenities and mostly quiet, comfortable complex. We moved in April 2020 and have no complaints thus far. Wear those masks everyone!"
"Mostly good so far. Hoping for improvements once pandemic rests. Difficult to give solid feedback due to those issues. Left room for improvement."
"So far we love it here. The apartments are intelligently designed for airflow and keeping things cool. We have plenty of storage space and closets. The floor plans are spacious and well thought out. We also love how quiet it is here and that it’s conveniently located to many of our favorite stores. We can’t wait for the project to be completed and take advantage of the parks nearby in the meantime."
"Big fan of the grill and pool. The gym is alright, it would be better if there was free weights other than just smithing machines. Like a deadlift bar or squat rack. Wish the pool was a little deeper but other than that I like it."
"Everything has been great! Very friendly staff throughout the community, maintenance has had quick turn around times and are also friendly and timely. The only problem in our building is that the Butterfly MX gate hasn't been fixed."
"Friendly community, great staff and amenities. New complex, moved in to a brand new apartment. Maintenance staff is friendly and very helpful."
"I love my new apartment. The amenities are incredible and we enjoy every minute of it. One suggestion would be to open the pool until 6:30 or 7:00 and the gym as well."
"The apartment complex is beautiful. Management gives quick responses and the app is real User friendly. All staff is super friendly and things get taken care of fast"
"Great neighborhood I like the community a lot. I enjoy the amenities. One thing I would change is the carpeting in the stair cases. I think majority of the residence have dogs so the stair cases always have a smell"
"Love this apartment community! It’s always well kept, has amazing views and quality fixtures and some friendly neighbors! Love how dog friendly it is, too and they even have food truck fridays!"
"Our leasing agent, Spencer, was absolutely fantastic throughout the leasing process...he's truly one of the best out there! He answered all of our questions in a timely manner, and even offered to provide us with a self-guided tour in light of COVID-19. Spencer really went above and beyond to find the perfect home for us and we're so appreciative of his help. All of the other staff including Jazmin and the maintenance techs have been great as well. The amenities at Alexan Rivue are really beautiful and we can't wait to try them once things are able to open back up again (hopefully soon!) The community is brand new, clean, and really quiet...and we absolutely love our new home!"
"It has been amazing. I love it here. Everything from the people to the amenities to the staff everything is well taken care of and it’s just an amazing quiet little area to be with either by yourself or with family."
"Nice, quiet community. The staff is very friendly and their communication is awesome. The units themselves are amazing. I love that everything is brand new!"
"Living at Alexan Rivue has been a great experience so far. Great amenities, great location, and I love our apartment. It is modern and stylish."
"I love the feeling of getting home. Alexan Rivue is an oasis. An escape. Love being an Alexan Rivue Resident. I am excited to start enjoying our pool, or gym, our lounges, and so much more."
"Very nice units, quiet complex, other residents have been friendly and staff is friendly. Fun ammenities like pool, ping pong, golf simulator. We love it!"
"I love it, every day feels like I’m in vacation . My apartment, the ammenties , it’s not loud but not to quick . It’s perfect for couples . There to much thing around to buy groceries and walk"
"the resident is everything mentality - you get what you pay for. love how you are taken care of like a human being vs. just a number - more of my friends will know about this gem"
"I qbsolutetly love living here!! Quiet, clean and vary pet friendly. Everything os close by. Mall, groceries, restaurants. Honestly, my expectations were truly exceeded. Thank you!"
"Community is secluded and seems very safe and friendly. I am looking forward to the coming months. The unit I moved into was brand new and had no prior tenants before my lease."
"I like the apt. I live in because it’s new, clean, lots of nice amenities that makes living very comfortable. The environment, surroundings are all conducive to a carefree urban living but once you stepped out of your enclave citi life is there for convenience. Life is sheltered here I feel great here even more with nice neighbors."
"Very nice place to be my home with a very clean new apartment, new appliances that are top of the line being very high tech. Surroundings very peaceful and secured with all the lighting and cameras you can’t help but feel safe. Neighbors are all nice."
"Spencer was such a great help. From day one he made me feel at home. Such a great experience so far. I love my space, my home. The community and people around very friendly. Safe environment to live in. Employees are very professional and responsive to the needs of tenants."
"We absolutely love living here so far. From the first conversation with Spencer, we have felt at home. He made everything so easy and kept in constant communication. We ended up signing our lease pretty much based on pictures and prior reviews since our unit wasnt quite ready yet. Everyone else we have interacted with at the leasimg offi e have been very friendly and helpful. We have been here almost 1 full month and even with a pandemic, we are very happy with our place."
"Alexan Rivue is a good place to live. Improvements could be made. Some staff are awesome! Amenities are what brought us here. Community is great."
"I really enjoy this new apartment, the stuff are super efficient, the apartment I just love it .. modern and safe place with a beautiful view, for me are the mountains, just in front of my living room window, I feel the peace. I know there is a little bit of noice but , Our park that gonna give us more green places to decor our community.. thanks Alexan Rivue 💐"
"Great units! Modern and super luxe features! Great service! All the staff is super helpful and friendly. Great prices for leasing and amenities."
"It’s super cool living in a safe place and modern. But sometimes theirs a lot of noise like party’s and it’s fine, it’s life. It’s understandable. But where I live there’s one neighbor that it’s always doing a lot of noise so it sucks because it’s like when you move to a new place and theirs always that one neighbor that just always makes noise no matter what. Sadly I got that neighbor. But the place overall is great!"
"The apartment is beautiful!!! I love every single thing in regards of it the community.. very nice clean and neat.. the staff is awesome and always willing to help!."
"Have been here just over a month and we love it. Office personnel very nice and helpful. They are always willing to help out in any way possible."
"Beautiful place. Many great finishes. I will love all the community amenities once we are able to use them. Spencer has been super friendly and helpful."
"Only been here for 4 nights and I love it it’s so peaceful and quiet. People are so friendly here :) I definitely look forward to experiencing more time here"
"It’s like I’m living in a hotel I love it, I have so much more room than my other apartment and I love it here. Can’t wait to use all the amenities."
"The team here is the best! Very communicative and extremely caring. Service is excellent, Alliance has the best quality and communities. 👍"
"Amazing location coupled with beautiful units that feature great finishes and design elements. Love the garages as well as the beautiful views of the greenery"
"My husband and I love living here. We know we haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy the amenities since we are keeping safe but we have experienced the friendly of the staff and our neighbors. 😀"
"Loving staff, amazing amenities, and spacious apartments. Could use a small improvement on certain things. Overall a good place to come live."
"I recently moved in and it was an easy process. This has been a smooth transition and I’m very happy with my choice. This location is perfect for a short commute to work and all the amenities in the area are great."
"Beautiful and luxurious property. Staff were transparent, knowledgeable, and welcoming. Visited the property a few times and probably toured all floor plans before making a descision. I want to personally thank Spencer and Fabian for their outstanding customer service and being patient with me during the decision process of making Alexan Rivue the next home for my family and I. In summary, been here for a month and the family loves it. Thank you Alexan Rivue and the property management team!"
"They have the most amazing amenities Beautiful state-of-the-art fixtures and design Always kept clean Friendly, safe and comfortable community!"
"I love how beautiful the apartment is and how nice everyone who works here is and very helpful as well! The community amenities are so awesome!"
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